How to use/play with this map?

Hi there, thanks for checking this project.

Before starting this interactive journey, there're some interesting features that you might want to know:

I. Side-by-side swipe:

Drag the swipe button to compare the differences between historic maps* and modern maps.

II. Switch layers:

Wanna change to the roadmap? Sure we can do that (though I personally prefer satellite map😝). There's a layer icon on the top right. Hovering your cursor over it and the list will pop up automatically.

I've also added the function to group places by novels. If you are reading one of the listed novels, tick the box and dive into the map!

III. Quick peek

Don't want to click on the markers every time to find out detailed information? Just hover your cursor over the marker and a brief title will pop up to give you a quick peek!🧐

IV. Teleportation

Well, not really 'teleportation' as you still need to click onto the hyperlink. But it will seamlessly redirect you to the next stop. For example, Lawrence's family moved three times in Eastwood (1887 to the Breach House, 1891 to Walker Str House, and 1905 to Lynncroft House). Just click the orange hyperlinks (the blue ones are for links outside the map)!

V. 🚧

Have fun!



*Historic maps: Ordnance Survey Six-inch to the Mile (1:10,560), 1888-1913; Ordnance Survey One-Inch to the Mile (1:63,360), 1885-1903; Ordnance Survey Quarter-Inch (1:253,440), ca. 1900-1906; Ordnance Survey, 1.016 Inches to 16 miles (1:1 million), 1905.

Reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) licence with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.